Terms And Condition

Global terms and condition of Tejarat Gostar Lahij company (for all services)

The terms set forth in this section are the general terms of the Tejarat Gostar Lahij Company, which are common to all services, and are required to accept and enforce any of these services.

In addition, in the Tejarat Gostar Lahij, the term of each service are set separately and the use of each services of the company requires acceptance of the term of that service.

For example, in order to use the Lahij Server (Hosting and Domain Services) and other related subgroups you must, in addition to agreeing to the general terms of the Tejarat Gostar Lahij company, You need accept terms of service, which published in the service site.

The following are the general and common terms for all services of the company.


Agreement and Changes


1- All users of the Tejarat Gostar Lahij company services, are required to fully comply with its Terms of Service. These Terms are not comprehensive and the Company reserves the right to add, remove or modify its Terms at any time without prior notice upon their publication on its official website at tglgroup.ir.


User Information


2- Users should update their information when using the services of Tejarat Gostar Lahij company, because the company uses the information provided by the user to communicate with them.

3- If the information provided by users is inaccurate or for any reason that the Tejarat Gostar Lahij company has a suspicious knowledge that it is inaccurate, the company will at its sole discretion discontinue subscriber services and suspend its account in any service that It needed to be blocked, so any consequences of incorrect information were borne by the user and the company assumes no responsibility whatsoever.




4- The Tejarat Gostar Lahij company will not disclose information about its users to any third party without their consent. Users information will be used only when it is necessary to notify users of any changes in products, services, services provided or new services offered by the company, or special circumstances that may be of interest to users.

Note: Paragraph 4 of the general laws of Tejarat Gostar Lahij company does not include judicial authorities and governmental and non-governmental organizations that have a license or legal document to obtain information.


Account security


5- All information about users is kept in the secure and isolated database of the company but for the internet services provided by the company which have user accounts the task of keeping passwords and other The information in the accounts is the sole responsibility of the user and the user is responsible for all operations performed by the joint accounts.

6-If the one user makes an unauthorized or a high risk use of the services, and the another user is notified in any way, the user must promptly notify the Tejarat Gostar Lahij company or its support service, otherwise the Tejarat Gostar Lahij company will not accept any liability for any harm resulting from the use of another users's password, shared  or non-shared account, with or without the knowledge of the user or proprietary users, and shall be the sole responsibility of the user, Also liable for any damages to the services of company or other users will be that user with information that infringement has taken place.

Note: Due diligence in enforcing the penalties provided for in paragraph 6 of the general laws of Tejarat Gostar Lahij, be extremely diligent in maintaining access data to your account on the Company's services, especially your username and password.

7- Tejarat Gostar Lahij refuses to accept responsibility for any activity performed on user accounts with or without users' permission.


How to communicate


8- The Tejarat Gostar Lahij company communicates with users by email and phone number (only users who choose this method to be aware of changes and other operations in the company as a way of communication) that provided by users in the account panel. Users should be prevented from transmitting messages to their spam emails by placing the company email address on their e-mail whitelist, so obviously the company not responsible for not seeing sent notifications  messages by users.

9- To keep up to date with the latest changes, the user must visit the Tejarat Gostar Lahij company or service websites. and read the notifications section. Company does not guarantee that informs the user in different ways.


No illegal use


10- Tejarat Gostar Lahij is an international trading company and users who use its services should not abide by the international laws and regulations of the country where the service is hosted. Users should also not violate all laws of the country in which they reside.

For example, a user who uses the Iran hosting service must respect and abide by all laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as international law and shall not violate any laws and regulations. Tejarat Gostar Lahij company bases as own's laws and the country laws will take care of that, if any contrary act to the laws happened.

11-No refunds will be made to the user, if the Tejarat Gostar Lahij company deletes and edit the User Information due to illegal or unethical use of the User.

12- The Tejarat Gostar Lahij company reserves the right to disclose any information for the purposes of enforcing laws, regulations and generally the legal procedure.

13- The Tejarat Gostar Lahij company reserves the right to monitor, review and cancel the use of the services and products at its sole discretion.

14- The Tejarat Gostar Lahij company is authorized to suspand or block the user access to the service at any time for any reason without prior notice.


Judgment Reference


15- The original judgment authority for any problem is the Tejarat Gostar Lahij company, and the user cannot prove the existence of a problem by providing comments of other persons or websites or authorities whose words have no legal authority. Tejarat Gostar Lahij has its own tools for identifying potential problems.




16- No refunds available,  for amount deposited to charge user accounts in the services of the Tejarat Gostar Lahij company.

17- The refund available for most services has been up to 7 days for Tejarat Gostar Lahij services and you should refer to the terms of the same service as published on its official website.

Note: Paragraph 17 of the general laws of Tejarat Gostar Lahij company has the condition that the user will not misuse the service, so it is obviously not possible to cancel a service and register new order as an alternative for refund the service prices.

18- Some services of the company may not be canceled, due to the type of costs incurred. such as international purchases or domain registrations that are remitted in cash to overseas servers company and partners. There is no title and no refund will be given.

19- Discounts or prizes offered at celebrations or important events are not refundable to users of the Services, and in many services refunds are made to user account wallet which may be used for other orders.




20- The company may terminate the contract unilaterally, as well as the amount of service will not be returned at all, If the customer commits abusive, insulting, intimidating, and other unethical practices to the Tejarat Gostar Lahij company or any of its employees.




21-  Tejarat Gostar Lahij company tries its best to provide the best services to the users, and obviously using the latest technologies need corporation with reputable non-Iranian companies such as German and English datacenters and etc. but due to sanctions it may be possible to discontinue the service of the company in such cases, there will be no liability to the company. However, Tejarat Gostar Lahij company has always tried to restore the impaired rights of users.


warranty / guarantee


22- The Tejarat Gostar Lahij company does not provide any warranty that the products and services of this company meet user needs, services are not interrupted, error free or defects will be rectified, due to the computer science is very broad.

Note: Paragraph 22 of the general Laws of Tejarat Gostar Lahij company does not include items such as designe and some coding, etc. which are implemented by the company, and in most cases have a one year bug fix guarantee. This note is subject to the provisions of the contract between the employer or the applicant for the service and Tejarat Gostar Lahij company.




23- Tejarat Gostar Lahij company is making every effort to stabilize its services. Any disruption to the Services, not means deprivation of Implementation of this Agreement.


Emergency situation


24- Tejarat Gostar Lahij company makes every effort to maintain and stabilize its services and products. However, specific problems and other external factors may lead to interruption in the service of the company which, after troubleshooting, company will communicates to users and the reason will be announced.

25- The user agrees that the Tejarat Gostar Lahij company shall not be held responsible for the results of the interruptions referred in paragraph 24, and shall not be held responsible for any failure to perform its obligations in case of emergencies such as natural disasters, war, riots, social unrest, explosions, strikes, government restrictions and sanctions. However, in the event of such an occurrence, the Tejarat Gostar Lahij company will endeavor to mitigate the effects.

Note: Any emergencies mentioned above will not cause buyers to violate the terms of service.

Note: The government restrictions and sanctions and the impossibility of transfer money
 will be an emergency situation.




26- The Tejarat Gostar Lahij company uses its full potential to provide the best service and meets the highest quality standards on all services but under no circumstances against indirect and incidental damages (such as loss of information and site hacking and etc.) not liable, certain liability claims may be excluded from the foregoing situations where liability is limited by laws. Users agree that under no circumstances will the maximum liability assumed by the company for any damages exceeding the amount you pay for certain services and products purchased.




Support services (Ticketing, Support Forum, Voice Calling and Live Chat) are actively available on most of the The Tejarat Gostar Lahij company services and users should fully comply with the following rules.

27- user commits to avoid posting frequent tickets/posts on a same topic.

28- All users are required to track their problems as far as possible through the ticketing system.

29- The user is obliged to adhere to the ethics in sending a support ticket and to follow problems to the end in a calm and polite manner.

30- The user is obliged to enter, the service, the title of the problem, and the problem descriptions correctly and with full explanation when sending a ticket, so as not to interrupt the operators' response and ultimately speed up the responding of the user's problem.

31- The user must wait for support to receive a response and refrain from ticking or repeated responses.

32- The user must communicate with the appropriate operator in the right time and proportionate department when using the voice call service. (Voice Call Service will only be available during office hours Saturday through Wednesday).




33- Monthly periods are 30 days, quarterly are 90 days, Six-month period are 180 days and Annual period are 365 days

34- In periodic renewal services, the expiration date of an expired service shall be from the previous expiration date, and the company shall have no responsibility for the maintenance of user information and data after the expiration date.

35- In services with a plans, which have offer a service to change plans and to upgrade the service, the user must pay the difference between the cost of the new and the old plan in to the end of period, such that if the upgrade has a recurring cost, the cost will be added to the original service and the cost incurred. The period will not be separate from the new service, the debt will not be charged to the user unless a lower plan (less expensive plan) is changed.

36- The company reserves the right to impose penalties on the user, if the user fails to timely pay his service bills. and suspend the service and refuse to provide the services if required.


Personal commentary


37- Users can not request a same service from a similar company from Tejarat Gostar Lahij company, users should consult with the support department before purchasing the service.

Note: Consult service and initial advice are free at Tejarat Gostar Lahij.


Intellectual property rights


38- Customers may not copy, repost, republish all or part of the text that published on the websites of the Tejarat Gostar Lahij company without written consent and may not use the logo, trademark and all other intellectual property rights registered with the company and its services without written permission.


Force majeure cases


39- Tejarat Gostar Lahij company assumes no responsibility for non-compliance with its obligations arising out of force majeure issues, including: natural disasters, war, riots, public disturbances, general accidents, earthquakes, strikes, fires, It does not accept floods, explosions, labor shortages, accidents, seizures, government restrictions and international sanctions. In addition, the company is not liable under any circumstances for indirect and incidental damages such as loss of information, etc. and you undertake not to make any claims in connection with the registration or ordering of the service. But in such a situation, the Tejarat Gostar Lahij company will do its utmost to minimize the effects of each force majeure and to make it lighter.