Good Adviser, Strong Implementer, Successful Project
6 Years of successful work experience

Always Up to date

In our company we have a tech time, we check and work with new technology in our business every week.

new programing language, new structures, new business modeling, new version of old technologies. we check every things.

6 Years of successful work experience

6 Years of customer satisfaction

From december 1, 2013 to now, we have a lot of project and services without of any report.

We always adhere to our commitments, and we hope that by doing things in the best possible way, we will make perfect solutions to our long-term business.

6 Years of successful work experience

Support for startup

Today, new startups need a adviser, someone to know every things about market. but we do more then of this.

Free hosting, free consulting services to financial, technical and help to find ways to succeed in the market

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Today, most businesses need software that runs on any platform, or they need mobile and embedded devices application.

We can do this for you by having an expert team from a variety of programmers and engineers. we can implement the software according to your business requirements for any platform.

Online Services

We have best of your requirement for working on the web. We can host your website and web base application in the most powerful and secure servers in the best data center by 99% guaranteed uptime. We provide you a wide variety of domains at the lowest cost, and secure your data transfer with SSL on HTTPS protocol.

Business Solution

Today, due to the impact of the Internet on the market, any business need to coordinate with that.

Our company can develop your business with a thorough advice and best optimization solution by a professional implementation team on any new platform and sync with new technology. We can put you at the top of the list


There are always things that require high knowledge, such as construction, which requires a complete understanding of the materials and methods of construction.

In computer related technologies, resources are very expensive, such as cpu or memory, and the correct use of these in reducing costs is very influential.

Programming Services

Web Programming

  1. Front/Back Programming
  2. Extension Developing
  3. Template Design
  4. Custom Programming
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Mobile Application

  1. Android
  2. IOS
  3. Windows Phone
  4. Other/Custom OS
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Desktop & Server

  1. Multi Platform Programming
  2. Windows Base Programming
  3. Unix Base Programming
  4. Real Time Programming
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Custom Hardware

  1. IOT
  2. Robotic
  3. Embedded Devices Programming
  4. Custom Hardware Coding
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Online Services


  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Cloud Hosting
  3. Virtual Private Server
  4. Dedicated Server
  5. Indore Server
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Domain Provider

  1. Wide Variety Domain Register
  2. Whois Protection
  3. DNS Management
  4. Domain Forwarding
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SSL/TLS Certificate

  1. Domain Validated SSL
  2. Essential SSL
  3. DV Wildcard SSL
  4. Premium SSL (Full Business Validated)
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Bulk SMS

  1. International Send/Receive
  2. Auto Replay
  3. Virtual number
  4. Advertisements Send
  5. Value Added Service
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Business Solution


  1. Startup Consultancy
  2. Financial Consultancy
  3. Technical Consultancy
  4. Advertisements Consultancy
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  1. SEO Strategy
  2. Speed Optimization
  3. Source Optimization
  4. Content Optimization
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  1. Security Monitoring
  2. Server Security
  3. Script Security
  4. Open Source CMS Security
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  1. Name Selecting
  2. Business Plan
  3. Graphical Requirements
  4. Paperwork
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  1. Promotional Teaser
  2. Targeted Advertising
  3. Social Media Ads.
  4. Search Engine Ads.
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Content Generation

  1. Unique Articles
  2. Multi Media
  3. Translation
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Engineering Services


  1. Database design
  2. Database Management
  3. Database Optimization
  4. Database Maintenance
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  1. Resource Management
  2. Resource Optimization
  3. Regular Monitoring
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